What is ReFocus Method?

The method is a systematic approach for developing a “sixth sense” of identifying and letting go of tension in the body and becoming aware where focus shall be directed. It enables the actor to create a strong and believable performance within a remarkably short preparation period.

“…points perfectly well out how you can reach by lesser means and efforts a tremendous effect. His approach is sharp (no escapes possible) but gently…”

“…also very helpful if you head into auditions, or if the director changes his mind and wants a completely different thing from you.”

“…all the participants were pleasantly surprised when, as if from nowhere, their performances gained a new depth and truthfulness…”

…His approach is very practical and simple, and with a lots of humor. He understands actors and really knows what acting is about…

Where does this begin?

Back in the 1960’s, Andris Blekte (1923-2007) created a technique for actors and singers to stay connected to the body during performance. He taught his technique both at the National Acting Academy in Stockholm and in Malmö, for some 30 years. Actor Tony Grahn trained at the National Acting Academy in Malmö 1990-91 where he had the good fortune to share personal tuition with Andris Blekte. The experience for Tony was life-changing, to the extent that he made a determination to one day teach the technique. Tony graduated from directing training at Drama Studio, London in 1996, and went on to direct several plays in London until 1998 when he gave his first class in the Andris technique at The Actor Centre in London. Since then he has continued to further evolve the technique, based on research, coaching and hosting numerous workshops for actors and singers in England, Sweden and in Holland.