2 day Masterclass

“I found Tony’s Masterclass invigorating, inspiring and incredibly freeing. Unlike most acting teachers, Tony demystifies the acting process to make it something that is precise, clear and simple…”

“I have been working professionally as an actor for 26 years…Tony Grahn’s approach is different…he deals with “the moment”, by which I mean his method helps the actor find focus and stay present…Tony’s work is the antidote to any acting training that binds the actor in a knot of thoughts…Total game changer for me…”

“Tony shows you the way to your own artistic truth, in a direct and straight forward manner. I walked out of his workshop with a rekindled passion for acting. Thank you Tony!”


You will learn how to let go of your thinking and self-judgments, striving towards a deeper self-knowledge, to discover something beyond your own control and personal blockages.

You will develop the trust and courage to stay in the moment to experience more joy and achieve more impact with less effort.
Get out of your head and into the present!

It’s fun, challenging and transforming – this workshop will probably change the way you look at acting, and possibly at life itself!

The workshop consists of two full days and is limited to eight participants to ensure an intense, personal experience.

On the first day, you’ll create a strong awareness of your personal tensions, tics and physical habits and learn how to let go of them.
We’ll particularly work in creating a strong awareness of the facial muscles – important in work for the camera.
With powerful exercises you’ll also learn how direct your attention and focus on to the right thing in any given situation.

On the second day, we’ll incorporate the skills learned from the first day in to scenes and monologues, working with different short situations (text prepared in advance).

Some experience or previous acting training is required to participate.
Any questions or to request a place in the workshop, please email a CV and short outline of your motivation to participate to: tony.grahn@themethodlab.com
Phone: +46 (0) 72 554 7711