relaxed, present and truthful on stage and in front of camera.

Why does it work?

You probably know the feeling of having access to your full potential during a performance, when it just happens; it feels effortless, easy and yet powerful. A fantastic feeling! Unfortunately, achieving this experience often seem to be outside our control. The method gives you practical tools to access this state, where emotions flow organically with text and situation, where your conscious and subconscious mind work in harmony. You will learn how to stay connected with you body and in the same time with the co-actor or the audience. With powerful focus exercises you will discover how to direct your attention to where it should be, here and now.


what's the story behind?

It all started 50 years ago at the Swedish National Academy of Acting.

It started in the 1960th. Andris Blekte (1923-2007) created a relaxation technique for actors and musicians. He taught his technique at the National Acting Academy in Stockholm and Malmö until 2005. Many of the Swedish actors we see in series like “Wallander”, ”The Bridge”, and films like “As it is in Heaven” and ”The girl with the dragon tattoo” have been students of Andris Blekte. Tony Grahn was trained as an actor at the National Acting Academy in Sweden 1990-91 where he was personally trained by Andris Blekte. After graduated from the one year full time directing training at DRAMA STUDIO LONDON in 1996 Tony started to teach Andris technique at THE ACTOR CENTRE in London. Since then he continued to develop the technique further based on research in human behavior and by giving workshops and classes in England, Sweden and in Holland. Up to 2014 he called the method for "Relaxation in Action". "The Method has helped many actors, opera and musical singers, classical musicians to bring their performance to a new level.

  • "Working with Tony Grahn and ”The Method” has been an enormous help for me! I believe that the most important skills for an actor are the abilities to be present, to really listen and to let it happen in the moment, so that emotions and text come out believable, organically and relaxed. In Tony Grahn’s workshop you will learn and experience these qualities. His approach is very practical and simple, and with a lots of humor. He understands actors and really knows what acting is about. He is able to give you the practical tools to get the best out of your performance...I used Tony Grahn’s ”The Method” while working opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins in ”Kidnapping Mr. Heineken’’ and currently I am using it for my lead performance in the Stage Musical ”The Bodyguard”." Mark Van Eeuwen


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