What is re-focus-method?

ReFocusMethod is a systematic approach for developing a “sixth sense” of identifying and letting go of tension in the body and becoming aware where actors focus shall be directed in any given situation. "It is the antidote to any acting training that binds the actor in a knot of thoughts. It clears all that away and is ultimately a practice that empowers the individual and encourages us to trust ourselves once more".
Getting you out of your head and in to the present.

The most important thing for an actor or singer is to portray the truth, to move with the truth, to deliver a text as true. To get there, the actor needs to be able let go of self-judgments, personal tensions, to find something beyond control. The actor’s instrument is the body, the muscles that create movement, big movements, small ones, like in the face - tension and relaxation. The five senses also inhabit the body. With the help of these senses and our instinctive thinking, we can direct focus, place attention to something specific, and thus become present and become “the truth”, move with truth and deliver text as the truth. From this, energy, emotions and text will flow without thinking.