A two day Master Class
London 3-4 November.
Max 8 participants


ReFocus Method takes away ‘the nonsense’ and revealing your true self and power as an actor. The result is a fully believable and authentic performance, in nearly no time of preparation.

You will develop a “sixth sense” for identifying and letting go of tensions in the body, particularly in the face. You will learn how to stay focused on the objective and/or the other character.

You will learn how “get out of your head”, let go of your judgmental thinking and striving towards a deeper self- knowledge to discover something beyond your own control and personal blockages.

It is fun, challenging and transforming – this workshop will not only change the way you look at acting, but also at life itself. Living and acting with authenticity.

Where does it come from?
The origin of Refocus Method was created by Andris Blekte in the 1960s in Sweden. Andris taught his technique at the National Acting Academy in Sweden for 30 years.

Tony Grahn
Born in Sweden 1960. In 1987 he started to work as a professional actor. He was trained as an actor at the National Acting Academy in Sweden 1990–1991, where Andris Blekte also trained him personally. He was trained as a director at Drama Studio London 1995 – 1996. He directed several plays in London, and in 1999 he started to teach The Method at The Actors Studio in London. Since then he have developed the method and given classes and workshops in Sweden, London and in Holland. More information: www.refocusmethod.com

The workshop consists of two full days. The first day (Saturday) will we work with exercises on how to identify and let go of tension and explore the power of directing our attention to something in the doing. Further we will work with short text and situations to bring this experience in to a performance situation. There will be both group exercises as well as individual.

The second day (Sunday) we will work with text and scenes (prepared in advanced).

“…all the participants were pleasantly surprised when, as if from nowhere, their performances gained a new depth and truthfulness…”

“…also very helpful if you head into auditions, or if the director changes his mind and wants a completely different thing from you.”

“…points perfectly well out how you can reach by lesser means and efforts a tremendous effect. His approach is sharp (no escapes possible) but gently…”
Sources and more testimonials on www.refocusmethod.com

Dates: 3-4 November.
Time: 10:00 – 18:00 both days
Cost: £ 275. Max 8 participants!
Venue: London. TBA.

More information see website: www.refocusmethod.com
For questions or to apply for a workshop please send an email: tony.grahn@themethodlab.com
Or contact Tony: Ph: +46 (0) 72 554 77 11 or email: tony.grahn@themethodlab.com